About SEALD Foundation

Sustainable Entrepreneurship And Livelihood Development Foundation

What We Do

We engage youth and uncover the possibilities and opportunities with technology and innovation. We Ignite passion to start a business that is socially responsible and sustainable. We help them excel in their field by providing continuous support, guidance and access to capital.

Our mission is to help them prosper.

Our mission is to improve lives, expand opportunities and help societies to flourish through technology and sustainable entrepreneurship practices.

The numbers say it all


SMEs & Startups Engaged Monthly


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How it all started

The beginning of our Story

SEALD is formed as an organization in 2018. But the story began 10 years back, in 2008.
Anjali and Benjamin met in their church and the got selected to the same National University, Anjalee followed plant biotechnology and Benjamin followed BSc Entrepreneurship (Sp) degree due to his passion to become a successful businessman.
While they are studying at the university they started helping a poor single mom family with their college pocket money.
They have faithfully continued helping that single-mother family with monthly food and school needs for 3 children in that family.
Continually doing this for 2 years, they have realized that they are not helping them to come out from poverty by helping with their daily needs. Therefore they have identified that single-mother is very talented with sewing, so they helped her to buy a sewing machine and support until she self sustains with her new business.

This incident gave birth to the concept of SEALD foundation back in 2011.
After they have graduated, Anjali followed her passion as a sponsorship coordinator at Wordvision and continued supporting the mission with her salary and Benjamin have started an IT-related business and continue to help rural youth to identify their strengths and opportunities to solve social problems and also started to visit the rural place to encourage rural youth. Eventually, they have decided to allocate more time for this mission because they saw a lot of lives impacted and many started their business as digital entrepreneurs. Then they have decided to form SEALD foundation in 2018 to multiply the impact and properly manage all the activities.

Our Advisory Board

SEALD Advisory Board provides a high level of intellectual and strategic guidance to the team. Its members are leaders in the various sectors who work on a global level to end poverty. All members of the Advisory Board participate in their capacity.